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Bacteria iconL. monocytogenes EGD-e

Listeria monocytogenes strain EGD-e (serovar 1/2a; Genbank #CP023861), was derived from strain EGD, originally isolated from guinea pigs and used in studies of cell-mediated immunity[1], and differs quite substantially from EGD [2]. While the strain is already available as a RefSeq strain (Genbank #NC_003210) in NCBI, assembled using a mixed strategy of de novo and reference-based assembly, its genome was re-sequenced and assembled purely with a de novo hybrid strategy, by combining PacBio and Illumina MiSeq reads, to obtain complete genome sequence for subsequent proteogenomic studies [3].

An iPtgxDB was created by hierarchically integrating protein coding sequences from these annotation resources:

Hierarchy Resource Link
1 NCBI RefSeq CP023861.1; from 23/10/2017
2 Prodigal [4] Ab initio gene predictions from Prodigal (v1.12)
3 in silico ORFs The in silico ORFs annotations were generated as described by Omasits and Varadarajan et al., 2017

Only ORFs above a selectable length threshold (here 18 aa) were considered. The iPtgxDB was created using the hierarchy RefSeq > Prodigal > in silico. Files were parsed to extract the identifier, coordinates and sequences of bona fide protein-coding sequences (CDS) and pseudogene entries.


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